Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Official Seattle Rollo Rules!

For many bike polo players and Rollo players these rules go without saying. We're not posting them to be a nag about it. We just want everyone to be on the same page for the Rollo tournament. People will be coming in from different cities, hell they'll be coming in from different countries, and we want to make sure everyone knows what they're getting into before they show up. The intent, as always, it to make sure everyone has fun. And yes, these are pretty damn similar to the Seattle Bike Polo rules. You know, in case you were wondering...

The General Stuff
~How We Play: We play to have fun. Games are competitive, and physical contact varies depending on the game and the skill level of players involved.

~Where We Play: Tennis courts, playgrounds, and parking lots/garages are our playing fields. These venues tend to lend natural boundaries as well, so we have no specified length or width of Rollo court.

~Goal Size: We use bicycle water bottles filled with rocks for weight, spaced roughly 4.5 feet apart, and 5-6 feet from the end of the court (if there is one).

~Teams: Four person teams. Players are decided by the first 8 mallets placed into the center of the Rollo Court prior to the start of the game. Teams are then randomly decided by mixing up the mallets and dividing them evenly. Teams are always random unless in tournament play.

~Start Game: Teams line up behind their goal, place the ball in center court and have someone shout out "3-2-1 Rollo!"

~After a Goal is scored: After a goal is scored, each team will return to their side of the court. The team who has just been scored-on has possession of the ball and will drive it. The team who made the goal must wait for the opposing team to drive on them before advancing from their goal.

~Points/Winning: The first team to score five points wins. There is a variable 10 minute time limit. The time limit must be decided upon by all players prior to the start of the game. Busy nights might invoke a 10 minute time limit, as does tournament play. When the time limit rule is invoked the games are ten minutes so either the first team with five points wins (game ends) or the team with the most points scored after ten minutes wins. Games without a time limit that are running exceptionally long may have a 3 minute warning called to speed up the play.

~Bikes: Children’s sized bicycles (mini bikes) with wheels 16” or smaller (Actual wheel size NOT average wheel size). Be prepared to beat the crap/have the crap beaten out of it (wheels in particular). Minis may be modified to a player’s taste and fashion sense, but not in any way that they might become exceptionally harmful to other players or their minis (i.e. No sharp protrusions, BMX pegs, chainsaws, etc.). Mini-talls and the like will not be allowed during tournament play.

~Mallets: Any style, just not with a head made from metal that could potentially kill or core sample someone. Hockey blades are also not allowed for use as a mallet head.

~Ball: Street Hockey balls.

~No Foot Down: Player’s feet cannot touch the ground. Off pedal is okay but, as soon as a player puts a foot down they must cease play and ride in a full circle before returning to play (the smaller the better). A player who has put a foot down may not in any way interfere with game play until they have ridden in a full circle. A player who is retrieving the ball from a particularly difficult or distant location (WAY outside of the Rollo court) does not have to ride in a circle if they put their foot down.

~No Mallet Throwing: It’s too dangerous and a lot of us are pretty bad throwers.

~Keep it clean: Pick up your trash, please. Because we don’t have official Rollo courts it’s important we be good neighbors and make sure no one minds it if we come back.

~No matter what, drunken blueberries will always be allowed.

Rule Classes
The Rule Class must be decided upon by all players prior to the start of the game. All rules above still apply

“Master Class” Rules
This class is the most often class for our Rollo Games (it is mandatory for all tournaments unless otherwise decided)

~No Sliding: When shooting on goal the player must strike the ball with the end of the mallet head. Player’s cannot “slide” the ball with the side of the mallet head when shooting a goal. A shot may bounce off of another player’s mini or mallet and still count.

~ No passing back through the goal: When shooting on goal, no player may pass the ball through the goal to themselves or another teammate and then take a shot.

~Stay in control shots: Players must be in control of themselves and their bikes when shooting on goal. If a player puts a foot down or wrecks on their own accord before their shot passes through the goal, their shot does not count. (The exception being if the player is forced to put a foot down or wreck by another player. Use good judgment when calling this one out)

“Family Class” Rules
This class is intended for entry-level games, and for more relaxed and social play. It gives beginners a chance to learn the game and get used to their minis.

~Sliding is allowed: Goals may be scored any which way with a mallet.

~Passing back is allowed: Players may pass the ball back through the goal to themselves or another player before taking a shot.

~The ”Stay in control” rule is more relaxed. Game play is intended to be more fun and less strict. Do your best. We know that you’re trying.

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