Tuesday, June 12, 2007

We've got less than one month left until Bruised By Bike explodes all over Seattle!

A couple of important announcements:

1. We will have a very special performance by The Brakes straight outta Vancouver, BC. Ladies, hold on to your panties.

2. If you're traveling to Seattle from somewhere else and need a place to stay, please let me know by posting a comment to this blog. We've got several houses offering people floor space and couches!

3. A location for the main events has been selected! Stay tuned for directions and maps, and schedule.

4. There are going to be some SWEET prizes and awards up for grabs! We've got mini-bike parts, stem pads, trophies, spoke cards, medals, at least one whole pimp-ass mini-bike, and the pile o' prizes keeps growing...

The biggest emphasis will be on the Rollo Tournament, the Mini-Cross Race, and Bowling. So form your teams, hone your skills, and get ready...

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