Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What an Awesome time!

Thank you to everyone who came out and made Bruised by Bike a HUGE success. We had tons of fun, got a little dirty, got a little hurt, and danced our asses off. Our mini-bike-friendly-mystery ride was a lot of fun, and a great way for the people from out of town to get to know the new Seattle crew. Battling the mosquitos was made up for with a fun U-District garage bomb.

The mini-cross course proved to be completely brutal. Props to Leslie and Corey for designing an awesome race, and nearly making Felix throw up.

Jimmy's Bowling game creation was a fun challenge for everyone and the Rollo tournament got good and intense too.

Georgia's Seattle-based dance troup got the crowd good and warmed up for the stellar performance by Vancouver's The Brakes. Nice work dancers!

Word on the street is the afterparty dance party carried on until 5 AM. Much thanks to DJ Kelly and Smile Brigade for cranking out the jams all night.

And Props to Ryan and Leslie for whipping up a stellar Sunday brunch while everyone whipped themselves off the ramp and into Greenlake on out lakebike.

There's some conversation about making this an annual event, but nothing concrete yet. Until then here's a quick wrap-up of photos and a list of winners!

1st. - Dan S. (PDX & Zoobomb)
2nd. - Corey (Seattle)
3rd. - Ryan A. (Seattle)

1st. - Leon (Seattle)

1st. - Team "Big Hell on Little Wheels"
-Leon (Seattle)
-Nathanial (Seattle)
-Matt (Seattle)
-Soren (Seattle)

2nd. - Team "Slut Cookies"
-Leslie (Seattle)
-Felix (PDX)
-Hannah (PDX)
-Nano (Seattle)

DFL - Team "The Red Lanterns"
-Kevin (Seattle)
-Morgan (Seattle)
-Brian (Seattle)
-Bradford (Seattle)

Rollo - Top Individual Score
RevPhil - (PDX & Zoobomb)

For anyone wishing to see more photos from Bruised by Bike just click on the links below!

Alex Wetmore
Gabriel Amadeus
J Ryde

Thanks again, and keep riding those minis!

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Meredith said...

Chris the Biking penguin appears to be missing, please contact the White Rock RCMP with any information. Last seen in Portland on Sunday the 13th. We are worried